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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ba-da-bing, Ba-da-boom...

Yes, sadly that is the best title I could come up with after an 11 hour day at school today.  Whoosh, I'm beat.  But, I did want to post an update on the progress we're making in getting my sister ready for India. 

She is still all in, despite having been poked and prodded by various strangers over the last few weeks.  So far, she has gone for the first round of vaccinations, gotten her passport, and turned that over to us for the visa application today.  Harris ran it up to FedEx this afternoon and it should be to the Embassy tomorrow sometime before 5:30.  There's also a place that was able to do the STD and HIV testing for free for her since she doesn't currently have insurance.  She also went to get her pap smear done and it came back with some abnormal cell growth so we're going to do a second one after a normal cycle so that we can see if things have cleared up.  There were a couple of things that could have triggered a false alarm there, and we aren't worried yet. 

Carrie is scheduled for her 2nd set of shots on March 4th, and then will head in for another pap smear somewhere around the 27th of March.  So, the biggest 2 issues we have facing us right now is where to get her Hep B test done, and where to get the water ultrasound done.  She doesn't have insurance, and we're trying to figure out how to get both of these done for the lowest price possible.  If anyone has any ideas, I'd appreciate any suggestions!


  1. I would call your local Planned Parenthood office and ask them for suggestions, perhaps they can do the Hep B test at least for her. They could have done the pap for her as well.

  2. I would also check with your health department they may know who does it really cheap in your communitty. I know that helped a friend of Mine in Milwaukee