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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Giant Squid or Octopus???


HOTEL  I am still vacillating between Clark's Inn and the Hilton Garden Inn.  I did contact Svelte a few days ago to see if they would price match the Hilton.  Is that even an option???  I don't know if it is or isn't, but I figured I'd give it a whirl since so many things in India are negotiable.  If they can't do it, I'll cross them off the list and be back to the two choices.  One thing that I am still a bit confused about is the laundry options available.  Maybe someone can help me with these questions: 
  • Do either Hilton, Svelte, or Clarks Inn have places for guests to do their own laundry?  
  • If not, do I have to pay per piece that I have washed?  Or is it per load?  This makes a difference in packing.  Plus, I don't know if I could pay someone the same amount to wash my socks that I pay for them to wash my dress or my pants.  
  • Anyone remember the prices for sending out laundry?  I have called a couple of times to ask these questions and I manage to totally confuse the people who answer the phones. 
ROOF  My roof is coming along nicely, although we're having to keep watch over every little thing more than planned.  After the first day of work, I came home to find that the metal roofing panels had all been installed incorrectly.  Yeah, that was fun...sarcasm.  Being the person I am, I downloaded the installation manual and read it before calling the contractor to inform him that I KNEW the panels were not put on correctly. 

CYCLE  This may be TMI, so stop reading now if you're sensitive or have a high ick-factor.  I am trying to shift my cycle to line up with my departure dates.  It's not been a good start to the transition as I have had breakthru "issues" and am wondering how to handle that.  I've emailed Dr. Shivani and am waiting to hear back from her.  With that in mind, I did start thinking about whether to go to my reproductive endocrinologist or to my regular OBGYN for something like this.  My RE said there was basically nothing they could do for me at this point in time - which is when I sought out surrogacy in India.  My insurance won't pay for anything if they think its related to doing surrogacy - which means I'd have to go in with just the complaints of the breakthru "issues" and not bring up the surrogacy.  That means even sitting in consultation or having an ultrasound to check for cysts would have to come out of pocket.  It's a fight I don't want to have so I've avoided working with anyone other than SCI during this entire process. 

It's just all so touchy, these infertility things.  There's not one thing that comes along with any of this that doesn't grow octopus tentacles and try to latch onto something else in your life.  


  1. I had narrowed my hotel options down to Svelte or Hilton but Svelte actually came out a little cheaper. It seems like the rooms are a bit bigger at Svelte - I like the separate living area. The Hilton has free internet and Svelte does not - that might be a problem. I'm curious if they match the price for you. Best of luck...

  2. Svelte offer a good discount if you staying over so many days and ended up about the same as Hilton gardens and the space is bigger, more comfy. The laundry is per item and hideous in price. Rene and I were a bit cheeky and asked Rahul if he knew of a laundry mat and he offered to drop off and pick up our clothes.....200 rupees for 13 items, mainly long dresses and pants. They came back beautifully fresh and pressed. I kept my underwear to myself and washed it daily in the shower. The internet and Svelte was very reasonable.

  3. I am not sure TMI is a term we all understand while trying to get pregnant. Share, share, share until your heart's content. We love it, every bit of it...so let the cup runneth over!

  4. Allie, you can do it. Email me and I will explain how the shutting down works and stim timing.

  5. Note to self - ask Rahul next time about laundry services! We weren't that sharp and just had the BnB (India Luxury Homes) take care of our laundry... and OMG it ended up 1100 rupees per time! We had it done twice so ended up paying about $40 for two loads of clothes.. so you are definitely asking all the right questions!! Good luck :)

  6. Hiya Allie I'll give you a call next Saturday 3rd March 10am your time to catch up properly. Let me know if that works for you. Avey

  7. I love the support that is shown here in these blogs. I absolutely LOVE how everyone is here for Alli!

  8. Hang in there!! When are you going to be in India again..June? Im trying to figure out a date as well and would love to meet up with some more people while there...like you said, this surrogacy stuff is sure touchy!!