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Sunday, April 21, 2013

T-49 Days and Counting...

Our "To Do" list is getting shorter by the day, and we have just a few more pieces to put into place for our trip on June 10 back to India.  Last week we received approval for our medical visas, and they arrived safely back home along with our passports.  Tomorrow we head to the bank to send an initial payment to get the pre-arrival treatment started.  The balance is due on May 10; so we have a few more weeks before we're poor.  :-)  Carrie has her last major appointment this week for her saline ultrasound to check and see if her tubes are blocked.  So long as there's no problem there, we will go ahead and purchase tickets within the week.  It'll be such a relief to have that last part finished.  Even though I dislike having to pay about 50% more for tickets this year (for some mysterious reason), there is some level of security that comes with knowing you not only have a way to get where you're going AND a place to stay while you're there.  Plus, this year I went ahead and paid the extra to include breakfast.  That was the best part of the stay last year at the Hilton.  Everyone came in and would meet up at breakfast to look at new babies, talk about the latest in exit paperwork, and discuss the others who had come before us in the process.  All in all, it was the highlight of the day.  Oh, and did I fail to mention the fresh mango that was in peak season???  YUM!

In my mind, I am trying hard to both think positive about the end result from this trip AND block the memory of it being so hot that my shoes melted on the pavement...in the shade...outside of an air-conditioned store. 

So, positive thinking, forward progress, and patience...those are the items on the "to do" list for this week.


  1. Oh, the famous lists. We downloaded an app called Cozi so we could maintain them as we went along - great app in our opinion.

    Just hope you don't have the Google countdown app; ours was obviously broken as it never got past 42!!! ;-)

    Hopefully we'll see you in Delhi - we'll be there till the end of July I think.

    G&A x

  2. Best of luck to you Allie. I am always following but not able to make comments on new computer. Take care and here's praying this time is THE time for you xx

  3. Best of luck! I m sending you a lot of positive vibes!