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Saturday, June 8, 2013

It'll get done...

With only one more full day at home, I probably should have started packing.  I should also have probably started doing laundry before 10 o'clock, and my suitcases should most certainly not still be in the attic.  However, I haven't, I didn't, and they're not. 

Friday, I finished closing down my classroom for the year, and sent my students on their merry way!  It's always such a feeling of shared accomplishment and pride when those buses pull out of the parking lot for the very last time of the year!  It's a time of reflection, exuberance, and tremendous RELIEF to see those kids smiling and waving because you know that you've done your very best to help them grow and become the best they can be.

This week, I also registered for my first graduate classes, and am beyond excited to be starting those next week!!!  The program is online, and I will be able to do everything from India while I'm there.  It'll be nice to have something to work on that is guaranteed to have a positive result so long as I do everything that is asked of me, and stay focused.  Anyone dealing with infertility can surely see the appeal of having something that you're assured to get with hard work and dedication, right?

Today we spent the day with Carrie and her fiance doing random things still left for our trip.  It's good to see her excited and nervous with those "first trip abroad" jitters.  I'm excited to see what she thinks of India, and have the chance to see it again for the first time thru her experiences.  This whole thing has brought us closer, and I'm eternally grateful for that.  Growing up 7 years apart in a household that had such extreme tension, we kind of held to our own corners and tried to stay in the shadows to avoid trouble whenever possible.  At this point, we talk everyday and present a united front on so many things.  There's certainly a level of intimacy that has never existed before. 

So, now I hear the washer beeping.  Better go toss clothes into the dryer so I don't have to go to India naked!  LOL!  That would be a sight!

If anyone is going to be in Delhi the rest of this month, shoot me an email and perhaps we can visit while there.  We are staying at the Hilton New Garden Inn.

Best wishes to everyone cycling this month!


  1. Wishing you a very successful trip, I have everything crossed this trip is THE trip to parenthood xx

  2. You're in my thoughts for this trip! I hope it's a safe and successful one. Best of luck!

  3. I've been thinking about you!!! Wishing you success and sending tons of baby dust. I think it's a great idea to take your online classes while over there. Especially during the hot days - you will want to be indoors!