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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's a date!

Well, we have a tentative date for travel and treatment in India!  It looks like we will be in India from the first to middle of December for the cycle.  So, those of you who have walked this path ahead of us, prepare for questions! 

The biggest question I have is about lodging.  I am hoping for some recommendations of places to stay that are (really) reasonably priced but safe.  How far out should I try to book a hotel or apartment or whatever we'll be staying in during the trip? 

Harris and I are really excited about this and feel like this is "IT" for us.  We really believe there's a baby at the end of this road.  With such good news from Avey and Suzie, I am really optimistic!  Seems there's baby dust running rampant in India.  Hope the wind keeps blowing it around until we get there!!!

Anyone else planning a December trip???


  1. We should still be there in Dec when we pick up our babies. We should try and meet up. Baby dust to you.

  2. That is when we cycled last year, it is a good month to be there!!
    We stayed at Shervani Nehru place and then ILH - both good!

  3. Great news. We love Svelte and the hilton Gardens cheaper than hotels at home but pricey by Delhi standards. Hilton incl internet in their charge so that's always a bonus. Best wishes

  4. We got a really good deal on the Hilton Garden Inn and it looks quite good (reality may be different). I've reviewed Trip Advisor and have found this to be quite helpful. So excited for you both! - your journey is just starting!. Pity we'll miss each other by a few weeks - given all the 'baby dust' we may meet around the same time next year?!.

  5. Haya, ILH (India Luxury Home) is okay and not too pricey and bout 12mins to the hospital. Svelte and Hilton are quite far and about 25mins. i have done the 2 diatances. ILH doesnt charge for internet and near a good market(M Block) where you can grab anything quickly, there are other cheaper ones but safety, hospitality and neatness should be considered. Goodluck with your treatment. i will soon be leaving and am missing india already. lol

  6. Aleksandra, I'd love to meet up while we're over there! What a treat to meet your babies!!!

    Saskia, I'm crossing fingers that we have a future trip in common where we can hold our babies together!

    I have checked ILH and they are booked up for the time period we're going to be there. The Hilton is running about $2200 and Svelte was around $2500. That just seems like a lot. We're going to have to make a decision soon.