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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sticker Shock...

Having spent the better part of the last 2 nights looking for places to stay in Delhi, I must say that I am a bit irritated by the prices of the hotels.  Don't get me wrong, I want to be safe, clean, etc.  HOWEVER, it does seem like most of the places I have looked at are outrageously expensive for India.  I mean, come on - I didn't pay $150 per night to stay in the San Germaine district of Paris, why is it that is a justified price in India???

Up until this point, I have always considered myself an excellent traveler.  I have even planned trips for others to foreign countries (including travel) and been successful.  It almost feels like there's someone waiting to say, "Ha ha - gotcha!  We're just foolin' about the price of rooms!"  ...  But so far, I haven't had that happen. 

Maybe traveling with Rick Steves' approach of "living like the locals" has ruined me.  Perhaps I have rented too many privately owned condos, villas, houses, and apartments over the last decade or gotten too good a price.  I just didn't realize that I was going to have to shell out another $2,000 to pay for a safe place to stay.  MAJOR DISLIKE on that.  If it's what we have to do, then we'll do it.  But, I fully intend to keep looking in hopes that there's something else out there that will be more economical.  I'd so much rather spend that money trying to make a baby instead of paying for the place to stay while I'm over there.  Surely, I'm not alone in this...

On a different note, I have worked out Christmas plans with the families (children of divorce understand the juggling act involved in holiday visitations).  That's a relief. 

Harris hit a pole with his truck - not convenient timing when we're pulling from the equity in that vehicle to put down our first payment.  We will get it fixed the week of October 3rd and then send our payment over to SCI.  It's going to be interesting to have that conversation with the bank people.

In summary, we're moving forward, but with sticker shock.  If you have any other hotels to recommend, please send them thru! 


  1. hey Allie, just returning to uk from india, infact am replying you from thedubai airport. Concerning the cost of accomodation in India, it is SHOCKING and i can tell you the cost is high because of us foreigners, there are really much cheaper hotels costing about 200GBP for 2 weeks but i bet you wont want to compromise your safety.I had been told by an indian workmate that this 200INR for 2 weeks hotels are equally great but being a first timer, i was scared. Everyone wants to have a bite or cut of a foreigners hard earned money but we dont have a choice. I spent more than i thought i was ever going to spend on food and had to cut off the cab man because it cost 700INR per return trip to the hospital. multiply that by 15 days and you are in deep debt but for some reason they think we are rich.I was advised on day 2 of my arrival by other clients to travel on rickshaw to the hospital and everywhere and it paid off. compare 80INR per day to 700INR!!!!!! I paid 4500INR per night in my accomdation too although i liked the place but my indian workmate said i was crazy!

  2. Sorry about your luck on finding hotels! Yah, it's not just the foreigner's price. Real estate prices in Delhi are actually quite high (think NYC). So, this is definitely getting passed on to you. Having never stayed in a hotel here, I don't have any recommendations offhand. I'll ask around at work and see if anyone has any recommendations about cheap places to stay that are safe and clean.

  3. Yep, it sucks! The price range is crazy, and of course you want safe and clean. Try Shervani Nehru Place...it is a good hotel and fairly affordable, includes wifi and breakfast.