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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Making a list, checking it twice...

Just to be on the safe side, and because we just couldn't bring ourselves to ship off our passports, Harris went ahead and scheduled an appointment for Tuesday morning at 9:20 with Travisa.  Apparently, Monday is some kind of Indian holiday so the office and/or the Indian Embassy is closed.  They're closed again for another holiday on Thursday, so hopefully he'll have everything done on either the same day (Tuesday) or Wednesday evening.  He will stay with friends up there until we get the paperwork back and then drive home with everything for India ready to go in terms of paperwork.  We decided it was better to be sure we have what we need than to cross our fingers and wish for it to be so. 

As for the wire transfer, no such luck.  I heard from our bank via 2 phone calls that the wire had been returned because some of the numbers were incorrect.  Trust me when I say that this was not news I received with peace in my heart yesterday morning.  Suddenly, my plan for a morning spelling test followed by an afternoon movie was changed into DVD NOW and frantic follow-up with Margarida/SCI and the bank.  Both groups did their best to help me figure out how to handle the problem and make sure that the money was sent before the close of (our) business Friday.  I didn't hear anything from the bank, but I am *trying* to pretend that no news is good news at this point.

On a positive note, I did a pottery painting class last night and painted like crazy; which helped lower my stress level.  Over the last few months, I have been really shocked to find out that I like painting and I'm not terrible at it so long as there's someone to guide me.  We have a really cool business not too far away called, Wine & Design.  Basically, you pick a class that has something you want to learn to paint, go in for about 2-4 hours, and work with a teacher in a group to learn how to paint what you've all chosen.  I have done 2 painting classes there, and taken 3 pottery classes in the next big town over.  I have really enjoyed and been unashamed of my work at both places.  I'm hoping to get in one more pottery class before leaving for India at the end of the month. 

Working my way down the checklist, today's goals include:  pull documentation for Harris' Travisa appointment Tuesday morning, start the list for our friend who'll watch the house in December while we're gone, finish Christmas shopping (okay, at least half finish), wrap presents purchased so far, clean out closets and fill up a basket to go to the Salvation Army.  I figure if we're going to have a baby in the next year, I need to start making some room in those closets, right?!?!


  1. Hi Allie,
    Let me know when you are here in Delhi and want to meet up. I did bring adapters and you can get some here as well.


  2. I so hope you will get your visas as planned. We applied by mail courier (we are 600 km from the Embassy in Stockholm) really early and I'm so glad we did. Namely, they sent our appliances back since the photos weren't good enough. We had to take new and send again. Now we have those precious visas and it feels kind of safe - we can leave any day if we would have to.
    My fingers are crossed for you and I hope all of your preparations will go smoothly, aswell as the whole exciting trip ahead!
    Greetings from Sweden!

  3. Aleksandra, I've emailed you the address of the apartment - plus about 15 questions. Maybe you can scout out the area and give me some idea as to the lay of the land before we get there!

    Anu, you are so smart to have already taken care of this. We didn't realize we'd have to get Indian visas since the US doesn't require them. Thank goodness I dug further and figured that out before we got onto a plane! Had I realized it sooner, I'd have applied earlier like you. I dislike waiting until the last minute for anything related to international travel.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hiya Allie
    Looking forward to meeting up in December - how exciting. Hopefully get to see Aleksandra and babies as well. My email is avey.bhatia@googlemail.com Thanks for yours and will touch base shortly.


  5. You are super organized!! Not too long to go now..very exciting!!