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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Speed Bumps...

The new set of luggage waiting for me tonight when I got home was apparently just a teaser (as opposed to real progress).  I've been waiting 2 weeks at this point for my updated driver's license to arrive.  In order to get the Indian travel visa, we have to have that along with everything else.  Anyone else not totally okay with mailing off your passport to a foreign agency???  That totally freaks both of us out. 

Because of the limited time left to get the visa paperwork done, Harris is planning a last minute trip to TraVisa in D.C. to do the one day process.  They assure us that it shouldn't take longer than 7-9 business days by mail...BUT, Murphy's Law prevails in our minds and this is paperwork we MUST have.  Apparently, between now and November 30th (the day before we fly out), there are 4 days that are considered holidays between India and the US.  So, either one or the other entity (TraVisa or the Indian Embassy), will be closed. That only gives us about 12 days for the turn around time.  Too close for comfort!

On top of that, I still haven't heard from SCI that the wire transfer we sent has arrived.  How long should it take, realistically???   It's just so much money to not have account for yet and it makes me so nervous.  What in the world would we do if there was a problem and something happened to it in the transfer process?  Is that even a possiblity? 

Trying to breathe.  Trying to get thru the last few things on the checklist so that this trip can happen with less stress.  Inhale, exhale.  Inhale, exhale.


  1. Allie,
    TraVisa has been really fast any time we've sent our passports to them (or anytime our family or guests have done the same). In fact, when I got my initial work visa for India, I had my passport back in 5 days. I would definitely not worry about it!


  2. TraVisa was very fast. I think they returned our passports within a week. I understand the stress of the wire funds but rest assured that SCI is on top of this stuff! AND, they never mind you emailing to check on things (or if they do, they don't let on;))

  3. In regards to the transfer of funds - it's taken us anywhere from 5 days to 2 weeks for the funds to go through. It's really hard to judge!, but our passports took an incredible 4 days!. It will all be sorted.... relax! lol

  4. Im in Australia and I too was not comfortable sending off my husband's passport to get a visa...I didnt read the forms properly and sent everything off with what a thought was a good timeframe but sent the passport number and not the passport itself!!! Eeeek....by the time they sent it back and we started again we now have 2 days for it to arrive as my husband flies out on Tues! Apparently its being couriered now. Having a bit of a stressful weekend hoping this all works out...good luck to you, sounds like it could be exciting times for both of us ahead :)

  5. Travisa is very quick and you can track status online. We live in DC and still went the fedex route. Jeff's took 4 days and mine took 6. Good luck!

  6. Thanks for the reassurances about Travisa! I know I sound like a "Gloomy Gus" when I say this, but we try to plan for the worst and hope for the best as much as possible. Wynnie, I don't know how you're not a basket case at this point! I would be in panic mode for sure!!! Be sure to watch that tracking info. Good luck with everything this week!