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Monday, March 12, 2012

Hello, Hilton!

It's booked!  We will be taking a hit in the wallet, but I couldn't pass on the Hilton for the amenities, the cleanliness, the guaranteed hot water, the pool, and the mall.  I don't think I'll REALLY understand what summer in India is like until I get off the plane in June.  But, I am choosing to believe those who have walked this path before me, and make arrangements to have things to do inside.  
I got a room with 2 beds in case my mom is the one who comes with me.  If Harris is along, it might not hurt to have a separate bed for those last few days on the shots when I am packed with grape-sized follicles.  I tend to get a *little* touchy the last week of these meds and appreciate my space. 

It's nice to have a "home" in place!  Tonight, I'm going to go online and register my trip with the State Department just in case.  Anytime we travel abroad, we send them locations so that if there's a need to evacuate Americans quickly, we're on the list.  I'm hyper-vigilant that way.  So far, I haven't needed it, and I'm hoping by continuing to register, I'll continue not to!

On another front, apparently I mis-calculated my June cycle's start date...by 11 days.  Oh joy.  Three months to move it where I need it.  Come on biology!


  1. So glad you're booked! Check that one off the list!!! (I really need to get on it.) You will love Select City Mall-- very western with every American restaurant you can think of, a movie theatre, spa etc... And I imagine the pool will come in quite handy. We were there in early August last time and it was HOT HOT HOT!

  2. Glad you are preparing for your next round! We were there June/July last year and I can say it was VERY HOT we stayed at Svelte and Loved the pool!!!

  3. I'm totally loving the pool. We were in Mumbai in September and it was still hot so I'm assuming that June will be hotter. Good luck -- keeping our fingers crossed it's your time.

  4. We stayed at the hilton and it is wonderful!!!! Definitely a good choice - i know the wallet takes a beating but it is nice to give yourself that little bit of extra comfort during the hot days of June!!! Best wishes, K

  5. Thats great!! I am super jealous ~ would have loved to stay at the Hilton!! Not long now!

  6. I'm sure it feels good to have one more thing crossed off your "to do" list. Keep us posted on what's next.

  7. The Hilton is FAB and the staff are fantastic and cannot help you out enough!. A few of the staff even pitched in to buy us a leaving gift:).
    Not long now!! bet that list is getting shorter!

  8. Excellent we are going to be neighbours for a while.