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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Relaxing Date Night?

This is totally not baby related, but I had just to share.

Last night I was beyond exhausted and decided it was going to be "out night" for us a day early.  Out night is a Friday ritual which translates into:  eat out, clean out (fridge), or do with-out.  Harris was starving, so we went down the road to our favorite Mexican joint.  It's our favorite because it has the highest sanitation grade in town, it's the cheapest, and it's where all of the policemen come to eat.  Matter of fact, we sat in a booth next to a group of 5 State Troopers on their dinner break.

We've ordered and are diving enthusiastically into our entrees, chips, and salsa, when I notice a strange looking man walking disjointedly toward the restaurant.  I know it's bad, but I honestly was watching him because he looked like he'd smell bad and I was hoping he wouldn't sit near us.  (Reserve judgment for a minute.)  It's because I was watching that I noticed him come in, took a quick look, and walk back outside between the cars.  Hmmm...

As I watched, he went to the back seat of my car and began trying to get the door open.  Fail.  Now the driver's door.  Fail.  At this point, I say to Harris, "Um, somebody is messing with our car.  I think he's trying to break in."  The next 30 seconds are a blur.  Harris jumps up between the booth and wall to look out the window.  The guy goes to the windshield and peers in, goes around the back of the car to the back passenger door - Harris (trapped between the wall and booth) jumps over the booth, knocking down condiments and drinks on his way running out the door - which draws the attention of the table full of policemen.  I look over and say, "Um, somebody's trying to break in our car."  Simultaneously, all 5 hop up and race out the doorway to help Harris with the guy. 

Really, are you serious!?!?  Who tries to commit a crime in a place full of police?  Did I mention that our car was cocooned by police cruisers - all of which have both front and rear-facing video cameras?  Duh.  Stupid.


  1. LOL Allie I agree who in their right mind would attempt that. An exciting date night indeed. I remember our last holiday before we came to India. We were staying in a beautiful highrise apartment with ocean views. As our flight got in so late we were sitting on the balcony at about 1am in the morning and saw 2 cat burglars scaling the wall of the block next to us and climbing thru balcony doors to steal. We called the police and watched as they nabbed the cat burglars. It was like a TV show all surreal

  2. Guess he wanted to get caught!maybe he was hungry and homeless and needed to go to or back to prison for free shelter and food!God help us