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Tuesday, April 3, 2012


The Sacred Thread

"At one end of this world, there is one woman who desperately needs a baby and cannot have her own child". And at the other end, these is a woman who badly wants to help her own family. If these two women want to help each other, why not allow that? They're helping one another to have a new life in this world."

   --Dr. Nayna Patel, medical director
      Akanksha Infertility Clinic
      Anand, India

Have you heard of this book???  I hadn't until I read another blog and it took my breath away.  Somebody has actually been published writing about this experience in a positive light.  I just bought it for my Kindle and can't wait to start reading!  If you've read it, how did you like it?


  1. Giggle - yay people read my blog!

    I'm 5 chapters in and I am really enjoying it. There are a few things that I think are a tiny bit off that are non-surrogacy/medical related, but overall it's great. (An example would be where she says you can't get non-vegetarian food. This is not correct, but she may not have known who to ask or where to go.)

    I can't get an exact timeline on when she went through it, but hopefully I'll be able to figure it out.

    Love love love that she gives an exact recollection of the process she went through. I was wondering about little things such as "will the shots make me ill" and such and she tells it in first person well.

    1. Yes, I just saw it today and was so happy to read about this book!!! If you have any question, I'm happy to try and answer what I can based on my experience. We're heading back in June for a second trip and are crossing everything that this will be our time. Best wishes!

  2. Haven't read it or seen it before. Thank you for bringing it to our attention! I'll go buy it for kindle now, too! Fantastic to see a positive publication. xxx

  3. I recently saw a print interview with the author. I think her book will do well. I hope it is a positive read...

  4. It's positive! I'm about 2/3 through it now.