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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring Cleaning...ugh

Yes, we are trying to sell our house and it is time for spring cleaning.  This is not a ritual I enjoy, but I am always shocked to see things that I had forgotten about having over the last year.  No, I am not a hoarder, but I prefer to do my cleaning in fits of anger or rage as it results in a larger Salvation Army pile.  Harris calls them my "cleanin' fits" and knows better than to get in my way during those times lest he find himself in the backseat of the car tied in between the muppet babies and dryer-custom-sized sweaters.

I digress...so tonight I was going thru the half dozen bags I have accumulated over the last year from various conferences.  In one bag, there was material from the second fertility conference I went to last year.  There were tiny notepads from pharmaceutical companies with notes written about things like nonrenal hyperplaysia, nonclassical conditional uterine hyperplaysia, the differences between Lupron and Ovidrel cycles, etc.  I sat on the floor for a minute and took time to remember who that person was that wrote those notes.  Weird.  Totally.  Remembering the time when I did NOT know all that I know now.  Just strange.

I also found 2 of the first articles I printed off about surrogacy early last year - those led to the discovery of specific clinics in India, and on and on and on.  Then, I found this quote I'd scribbled down and thought I'd share:

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass; it's about dancing in the rain."  --Tiffany Wilson

I don't know who Tiffany Wilson is, but I'm betting she's pretty awesome.  I think I'd like to be more like Tiffany Wilson. 


  1. When you are done your spring cleaning, come on over to my house!! It sure does soothe the soul, or the mind, or the frustration to tear apart, clean and put back together! I like Tiffany Wilson's words as well, great mantra to live by!

  2. I remember going through our Indian surrogacy paperwork and thinking "I really should throw this in the trash"...but then I thought that it's SUCH a huge part of our journey...like a scrapbook of how we got to where we are now -- which does not involve India. But I still feel so connected to it. A little strange, I know. I even have all these emails saved from our previous clinic in Mumbai. I really should get rid of it. Anyway, thanks for making me feel a bit better about "dancing in the rain"...haha!