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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Justice League - Allie & Harris Style...

When my phone rang at school, just after lunch on Friday, I thought it was odd.  When Harris asked me if I'd been home - knowing that I work 45 minutes away - I knew something was way beyond odd.  Turns out, someone had broken thru the glass on our backdoor, reached inside to twist the lock on the knob, and come inside to steal anything easy to carry.

I've always tried to make my home a place where people feel welcome and want to come.  However, I had no clue that a burglar would feel so "at home" that he would stay long enough to go thru (yes, really) all of our drawers, closets, cabinets, and cupboards.  Um, eew.

So, beyond the creepiness that exists knowing somebody has looked thru your underwear, exists the joy (written with TOTAL sarcasm) that comes from finding out it's going to cost almost $1,000 to replace the door and repair the damage he caused. 

Only dumb people steal from us.  Really, you don't realize who you're messing with - we don't take crime laying down - and we're big supporters of the "you do the crime, you do the time" mentality.  I knew what was missing; so did Harris.  We took off to the local pawn shops, began asking questions, giving item descriptions, along with our contact information, etc. and were able to track 6 of the stolen DVDs to one specific store.  Now, here's where the story gets REALLY GOOD.

Post Part II:  AKA, "Dumb Crook News"
There's this wonderful little caveat to the law in NC which states that any person wanting to sell an item to a pawn shop must present a valid, state issued ID card.  Our burglar, being not the sharpest knife in the drawer, gave the pawn shop employee his current drivers license!  The investigating police officer met us at the pawn shop and took the details about the seller.  The officer has made contact with him, and is hoping to have arrested him by Monday.

Oh, and one other thing to note:  The guy is currently on probation for breaking and entering.

Thank Heavens we had a stupid criminal instead of a criminal mastermind!!!  While we don't expect to ever see the laptop and other items again.  But, hopefully we'll at least see our day in court!


  1. Allie and Harris, I love that you tracked the lowlife dumb crook down! Way to go! Hope you get your stuff back as well.

  2. Good on you Allie, you both did so well tracking him down! X :-)

  3. Talk about some serious She Ra power. Good for you!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear this....we were robbed a couple of years ago and lost some very precious things that belonged to family members no longer with us. They went through absolutely everything, emptied the cupboards and turned every pocket inside out. Worst part was the neighbours heard it and didn't even call the police!
    Good on you for tracking the down - hope everything is returned to you! And that they pay for the door too!!

  5. Oh what a crappy thing to happen, but atleast the culprit was stupid and caught!

  6. Glad you guys weren't home!! Great detective work! Maybe you could be a PI on the side to make some extra surrogacy money, lol!!

  7. Ugh...what an awful experience but at least you got some justice. At least you weren't home. Glad to know no one was hurt.