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Monday, December 3, 2012

Wouldn't it be cool???

Yes, I'm a dork - I admit it without shame.  My first thought today when I found out that Kate Middleton was pregnant was, "Oh my gosh.  How cool would it be to be pregnant at the same time as her?!" 

'Cause, you know, our kids could be friends and stuff!  <snicker, snicker>

Test results this Friday!  All I want for Christmas is a positive beta test with a confirmed heartbeat growing stronger everyday...Is that too much to ask for?


  1. :D I hope and pray with you!
    PS. Our Little Viking is born just a bit before our Swedish Crown Princesses daughter, Princess Estelle :) What if they'll get married? I'll need a new dress then...

  2. Haha not dork-ish at all, first thing I thought was our baby will be born in the same year - does that mean they are more likely to meet and marry and thus making us rich by the age of 60??? We shall see....but I won't hold my breath, especially being a bit of an anti-royalist family :-)Praying and hoping for a positive test result for you on friday xxxx

  3. If I knew Santa I'd call him up and get your wish.

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  5. My fingers are crossed for your BFP tomorrow. Sorry about the previous post evidently I was crossing fingers for some crazy acronym. Wish you guys the best. You’re in my prayers tonight.

  6. all the best for Friday Allie, keeping everything crossed for you x