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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cobblestone Roads

When we went to France for our 5th anniversary in 2004, we had read about the lovely pedestrian only streets paved with cobblestones.  They were lovely and had beautiful little shops that fit with the Parisian idea we'd had in mind for the trip.  HOWEVER, what we didn't anticipate was that those lovely little cobblestones could be brutal to walk on and roll luggage down.  So, I am once again reminded of those streets with their pits and dips (which caused us to turn ankles and break suitcase wheels) as we walk this road of infertility - nothing is as easily traversed as you think it will be.

Harris got his semen analysis done on Friday and we're hopeful to get the results on Monday.  I have spent a good hunk of time yesterday and today working to try and get my medical records to scan with zero luck.  I have tried one scanner and it will only do a page at the time.  My network printer is able to see my laptop, but unable to scan to it.  There's no logical reason for these two options to not work.

If someone out there is praying for me to have more patience, please stop.  Thanks.

Seriously though, I will just suck it up and have Staples do the scan jobs for me.  It'll probably cost me an arm and a leg, but in the grand scheme of things at least it will be done!  I am excited to send the records over to SCI and I have to keep focused on that.

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