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Monday, August 1, 2011

Off, Off, and Away!

Thrilled to say that my medical records have now been emailed to SCI for Dr. Shivani to look over!  I am so excited to get this process underway!!!  Harris' results from his semen analysis should be in on Monday and I will send those as well.  Yay!

Tonight, I had dinner with part of my infertility support group.  We are a group of 11 women who went thru a 4 week therapy session last summer because we all had common ground.  Since then, we have stayed close and grown to feel more like family than friends.  We celebrate each other's pregnancies, cry for each negative test result, help mourn the loss of a pregnancy, and recently have started to bring flowers to the hospital as babies are being born from within the group!  It's awesome to watch these fierce, passionate, loyal women become mothers.  I am so blessed to have them in my corner. 

At the restaurant, over shared cheesecake, one of the girls was listening to me talk about India and she said with complete acceptance and support, "You need to do what is right for you.  Forget about everyone and everything else and do what's best for you and Harris."  That meant so much to me and the amazing thing is that they all feel that way.  Nobody looks at me cross-eyed like I've grown a horn in my forehead or spoken some tribal language when I talk about this with them.  I will never be able to show just how much they mean to me. 

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  1. What a great source of inspiration & support. You're a very lucky girl to have such supportive and openminded people around you. X