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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Spinning Tops...

The title is how we feel we're moving these days!  So much is happening - and not happening -  all at the same time right now. 

Professionally - Harris is looking for a new job, as his professional opportunities in our current area have dried up.  This weekend we are heading to Maryland for him to interview with 2 different baseball organizations.  We're both going because we want to scout the area for housing.  If we don't sell the house, we may have to rent it out just to be able to cover all of our bills plus the additional rent expense.  Question of the week for us - Is this even possible???  I am doing research on reciprocity of my teaching license and trying to figure out how it would work for me to teach in another state.  Remembering during all of this that I have to maintain health insurance with zero lapse because, as we all know, the minute you go without coverage suddenly everything becomes a pre-existing and non-covered condition on a new plan.

On the Homefront - Remember Hurricane Irene???  The one that came thru in September???  Well, we're still trying to get a new roof put on our house.  For various reasons, it has taken forever and there's still nothing.  I am trying to hold onto the last of my patience with my contractor, but if there's not something tomorrow I think I may be moving on.  We're also having no luck selling the house because - BIG SURPRISE - nobody wants to buy a house that's had tarps on the roof for 4 months.  Plus, our realtor has not done anything to try and sell the house since listing it online in June.  He's going as soon as we get the new roof on.

Babywise - Because Harris will likely be in a new position in June, he won't be able to go with me to India.  I've asked my mom to think about going with me so that I don't have to do this alone.  We got together and had a yard sale this past weekend at my house.  All proceeds are going towards paying off the last trip to India - thus allowing room for the next trip.  We did well - made about $400.  One goal for this week is to get my desk & credenza, collectible dolls, and a cedar chest listed for sale on Craig's List.  IF I sell all of that, and get the price I want, I should be able to pull another $1200-1500 to put towards expenses.  We are also going to have to refinance the house to try and pull enough money together to do another round of surrogacy.  Because the laws changed after "the bubble burst" a couple of years ago, this will take about a month.  Harris can't change jobs during that time or we won't qualify. 

So, in summary, our minds are spinning like toy tops on a wooden floor.  When we lay down at night, we either pass right out or lie awake for (seemingly) ever, with possibilities and questions running thru our minds.


  1. Wow...that's a lot on your plate all at once. Sounds like you have a good attitude and you're still looking towards a bright future so I'm glad to see that. I know there are a lot of ups and downs in during surrogacy and just know that perseverance does work.

  2. is it totally inappropriate to say that I LOVE this post-- we could be neighbors!!! Email me if you have any "Maryland" related questions:)And way to keep on moving forward! In the end, it is all going to pay off!

  3. All you can do is move forward..we had the same scenario - refinancing the house.
    I cannot beleive that you have gone this long without a roof!! My god..what is wrong with contractors..are they that busy?
    We sell lots of crap on Craigslist too, and if its priced right, it will sell.
    Good luck with all of your spinning!!!

  4. I am tired just reading about all you have to do!!! Best of luck with everything!!!

  5. Hi Allie my head is spinning just reading this. Keep going it is amazing how resourceful we can be when we need to be.

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