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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Done & Done...

Yes, travel plans were all done.  However, when I found out that multiple legs of my trip were overbooked, or going to require me to stay overnight in place after place (6 days total travel time!), I decided to undo what I'd done and start from scratch.  So, I did! 
I am now the proud owner of a ticket to and from Delhi with only 1 stop each way!  Can I get a whoo hoo?!?!  It cost us a good hunk of change, but, I will be there in about 20 hours rather than the days it was going to take.  In doing that, I've also added a day onto the beginning of the trip, and 4 days onto the end just in case the cycle doesn't come according to my time-frame.  With PCOS, the absolute hardest thing to do is track a cycle accurately...even on birth control.  In fact, there was only one time when I could tell you exactly when things were going to happen, and that was after being on BCPs for almost 2 years solid. 
The best part of this change process is that I found a cheaper price for the Hilton ($29 less).  I've filed the forms with Hotels.com and am hopeful they'll refund the difference like they advertise!  You know, $29 x 14 nights = $406 back in my pocket.  That would help with the Indian expenses quite a bit!  I'll update as to the answer I get from Hotels.com.  

One and a half days more of school!!!  I am so excited to put my kids on the bus Thursday.  Would it be rude to just ask them to not get off Thursday morning?  Hmmm...... 


  1. Funny post! Glad you figured on saving money. That always makes me feel good too. Good luck on your egg retrieval.

  2. Good luck and congrats on the new and improved travel plans!

  3. Wow!!Soo exciting!!Its so much better to have one stop vs.multiple stops going to india.I hope to get there direct,but this may not happen. Looking forward to reading good news about your journey in india!!!

  4. Happy to hear of your successful change of plans, good luck for your egg retrieval :)

  5. you'll enjoy the change of plans so much better! fingers crossed for you!! :)


    Luv the inserts, LOL

  7. All the best for your egg retrieval, great bonus to save time and money

  8. Best wishes! LOVED the little boy and captions at the end, made my day xx