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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

To Stay or To Go...

Before reading this, I have to say that it is written while I am very frustrated (and it's compounded by 3 days of hormone injections).  Maybe it will look better later...I doubt it though.

As I write this, it is now almost 11am Delhi time and I am STILL in my pajamas - not because I am having a lovely relaxing morning, but because our water is not working correctly for the 3rd day in a row.  The first few days we were here, the plunger that changed the faucet to the shower wouldn't hold.  Then, there was no water in the kitchen at all (washer or sink), yesterday there was no hot water at all (which made us late leaving for Agra), and today, there is nothing but a trickle of water coming out of either shower unless you want to turn them on to fully cold.  Call me crazy, but I don't think I should have to take a cold shower in an apartment that was advertised as having 2 bathrooms with their own hot water heaters - the implication is that each will have hot water available

I appreciate that each time we have had an issue, the owner, Sandeep, has sent someone within a reasonable (and sometimes surprisingly quick) time frame to try and take care of it.  That's not the problem at all - the problem is that each day there has been something wrong with the apartment,- and I am not sure if we want to continue staying here thru the 19th because it seems like we are dealing with something different everyday.  To date, we have had these issues:
  • Water line in washer clogged causing water to leak all over the kitchen floor to an aprox. depth of 1 cm and allowing for sewage to back-up into the floor there also.  As you can imagine, it smelled just lovely.  - One of the guys working for Sandeep came over and unclogged the line that night, mopped the water up, and explained the problem.
  • Internet didn't work the first day we were here - fixed quickly thanks to a call from Rachnna
  • No water in the kitchen from about 9pm until about 10am, water ran out mid-wash cycle (clothes now smell a bit mildewed) - When the guy came to look at it, we were in a rolling blackout and the water had come back on, but he wasn't able to check the washer.
  • No hot water yesterday morning in either bathroom - we flipped the hot water heaters off and on several times and then waited a while for them to warm up...45 minutes later, we were ready to go.
  • Today, no hot water pressure to take a shower - it's not just "weak" water pressure, it's so little that it takes about a minute to try and come out the top at all, like the pipe has to fill up and roll out.
Apparently, in retrospect having written this and read it again, all of our issues have centered around water.  We did give permission for them to come in on Monday while we were gone to Agra with the plumber to look at everything.  I have no confirmation of what happened, although the beds were made so we know someone came thru and cleaned at least.  If he did come, as he was supposed to by Tuesday morning according to Sandeep and Rachnna, why are we still having water problems? 

At this point, Harris and I are just really frustrated and feel a bit trapped.  We chose Tulip House Apartments because they would have both a kitchen and a laundry.  But, each day, there has been a problem with the water which has impacted the functionality of either one or both of those.  So, the question is, do we stay or go?  We put down a 5 night deposit and I had my bank to wire another week's rent Monday morning.  So, in all, we've paid for 12 nights and only stayed for 7 so far (including one we missed because we were delayed in France).  If we move, we lose either the kitchen or the laundry as far as I can tell, plus it would cost more per night.  The rent here is $99.27/night with all taxes added in.  It's also within walking distance of the Clinic and Hospital.  Those are all pluses. 

Decisions, decisions, decisions.  I write all this just to keep things straight because I am trying to keep track of what's happening.  Since starting to write this, 3 people have shown up (1 cleaning the apartment, 1 cleaning the kitchen, and one manager pulling the apartment cleaner to try and figure out what's wrong with the water).  It's kind of like a zoo in here - oh yeah, and I'm still in my pajamas with no makeup and greasy hair. 

I am also supposed to have a blood draw for Estradiol level today at some point.  I'd rather not have to go out greasy and yucky, but may not have a choice it appears.  All I want to do right now is cry.  Even Harris, who usually tells me to relax and hang on, is frustrated and irritable at this point.  How much, if at all, is the stress going to impact what we're doing here?  Am I asking too much for everything to work at the same time?  Is that not normal here?

Now, finished writing this, all 3 people have left and the resolution is this.  We still have only a trickle of water in the shower if it's not cold.  The manager will be back with a plumber at 2pm to check things.  And, Rachnna just called to let me know a driver will be here to take me to Dr. Modi's office for blood draw at 1pm.  I guess it's going to be a cold shower for me today.  Yay.


  1. Oh Allie, I am so sorry! I hadn't had a chance to comment on your last post but it seemed you were having an ok time, however, I would imagine that the accomodations issue is cutting into all the magic of it and I hate to hear this. We did love Svelte but it's a little more expensive and more of a hotel (so no laundry in the place, just services). Maybe somebody else has some suggestions??? Lots of love an luck to you with the cycle!

  2. just leave the place Allie, afterall you are paying for it, thank God we know this now!sorry love.i can only imagine

  3. why dont you try India Luxury home????

  4. In December last year I had the same situaion, and I cut my losses ($$$) and moved accomidations. Move so you are comfortable and happier!!

  5. I totally agree with everyone's post..no harm in leaving to make your stay more comfortable hun! I would be outta there quicker than you can blink...try another location...try to stay stress free for happy embies ;)

  6. Hi Allie

    Not good at all. Accommodation is so important whilst in Delhi and you really don't need the added stress. Move if at all possible.

    I'll call you as soon as I can if you move please email me on avey.bhatia@googlemail.com


  7. I think its always hit and miss when you are dealing with small accommodation in a developing country thats why we chose Svelte, it is more expensive but worth it or Hilton next door which is the same price but includes internet. With the laundry we just asked Rahul and he knows laundry places you can drop off and pick up (very cheap).......only thing is you are also paying more for transport as you are further away from the clinic. I would move if its wrecking your time in India. Maybe others have ideas for accommodation closer to the clinic???

  8. You can try glitters hotel which is only a 10 minute walk to the clinic and the M block.Its cheaper too than tulip house...There is no kitchen,but they do include breakfast and can do your laundry for a fee...the staff are all very helpful..its not far from where you are now....just a thought!!