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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Climbing Mt. Everest

This week, I watched a special about people climbing Mt. Everest.  They train for years sometimes, pick guides that are experienced and trustworthy, immerse themselves in the climbing community, and take time to regroup and breathe on their way up the mountain.  That special was like a huge, glaring, blatant metaphor for this journey and has been particularly applicable this week.  Maybe it was a sign, or an omen, of things to come.
I was absolutely elated to find out that Rasta Less Traveled had arrived in India!  Congrats guys and thanks for the pictures, details, and information you've been posting!  I'm sending prayers your way for excellent retrieval, sample collections, and transfer with your SM!
When it rains, it pours!
On our end, it's been a "walking uphill" kind of week.  I thought of Lucylu today as the water poured into our office during a heavy rainstorm.  We had the beginnings of a tropical depression heading our way and the rain today left us with bowls all over the floor catching the drips.  Ironically, the storm is named for my sister, Emily.  Harris got a call from his hysterical wife saying that he needed to come home immediately because I was afraid the ceiling was going to cave in from the weight of the water.  I moved all the furniture out of the leaking area and cleaned up as best I could.  A good recovery, I feel, and I have already scheduled a contractor to come thru on Monday and do the necessary repair work. 
Pharmacy mix-up...
On Friday, I still had not started my cycle and decided to call my reproductive endocrinologist's office to check in since 8 days had passed.  I have had problems with an infected uterus, a polyp, and needed a D&C to clear this situation up before - so I'm cautious now.  Imagine my surprise when the nurse asked if I'd taken all 10 progesterone pills.  10?  I only got 3.  With further investigation I found that the pharmacy tech had incorrectly filled the script and not given me credit for my refills.  When I spoke with the pharmacist, his response was that he was sorry but we're all human.  Nice.  That didn't sit well and I made a phone call to corporate to make sure this doesn't happen again.  He's ultimately responsible for making sure things are done correctly and this mistake would never have been caught without my finding it. 
Timing is everything...
With the pharmacy mistake, we are now at least 10 days behind on our fertility cycle now.  I start back to school on the 15th with the kids arriving on the 25th.  It's going to be tight to get in the meds, the ultrasounds, the shots, and ovulation before the 25th...if it can be done.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that I don't have to take any medical leave days because I will certainly need them to go to India. 
Infectious diseases...
I am also having a hard time finding someone to do the screenings I need for this infectious disease process.  Harris has taken off the day from work on Monday and we have appointments to see a foreign travel clinic nurse to discuss shots.  We are also planning to do a walk-in visit to my general practitioner to see if they are willing to help us on this.  My endocrinologist said no already.  I do have one other option that's a long shot.  It's my former OBGYN who originally made the PCOS diagnosis.  She was not born here and always seemed to be more open minded about things than my other doctors.  I'm keeping that in the back of my mind for now.
I got an encouraging email from Margarida yesterday reminding me that we all have bumps in the road and that I have to keep breathing because it will all work out.  They have done this before at SCI.  They know the challenges for IPs.  They will hold my hand thru the entire process.  Boy, that means a lot.  Whew.  Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.

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  1. I know exactly what your going through! Not just with the storm either!! My cycle strated early, ash clouds threatened our flights, I was soooo close to missing a shot, I had a bad reaction to the pill and everything seamed wrong, wrong, wrong! It's worth the battle, the change in plans, the stress, the tears the anxiety. We are all here for you! Take care, keep breathing. xx