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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Living vicariously...

Finished reading the updates and am so encouraged by the positive results from Jill and Alex(http://hopefromtheashes.wordpress.com/) and Bernadette and Duane (http://rastalesstraveled.blogspot.com/)!  I am so happy that you both have such wonderful results to write about from your time in Delhi at SCI. 

I can't help but appreciate the community of support that we are able to find online during this process.  It has been such a blessing for me to find support in real life for the infertility process and, now, online for the surrogacy and infertility process.  It's human nature to fear the unknown but, thanks to some gracious and open people willing to share the intimate parts of their journey to have children, it's less scary somehow.  One of the best and most comforting things I've read lately has been from Jill and Alex as they've been in Delhi.  I love that Alex gave Jill her injections just like Harris does for me.  Somehow, reading what everyone is going thru in order to reach the ultimate goal helps me to feel a lot less alone in this process.  It lets me live vicariously thru others and I am now emotionally invested in their lives, success, bumps, and questions.  THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR BEING WILLING TO SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCES!!!

In that spirit, I do have a question for those of you who have travelled to India already.  What did you do to combat the mosquitoes and malaria?  The foreign travel nurse said there were 3 options but one was an antibiotic (that's probably out, right?).  How did you handle this?

Off to do my infectious diseases panel in the morning.  This will be my third day of needles this week.  Urrr!


  1. Regarding malaria we just used mozzie spray with deet in it and we washed our clothes in a special solution that kills the little guys on impact. But I think I only saw one little one the whole time we were there and we went during monsoon season! I was really worried but we had no problems at all, none of us got any bites at all.

  2. We have been to India 4 times now and never really had any insect issues. We have seen a few this time but nithing to worry about.

  3. I think we maybe saw one or two and we were also there during "monsoon season"-- although we really didn't have any rain. In the evenings we did wear bug spray if we were out and about but I'm not sure it was necessary.