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Thursday, August 25, 2011

What's that for?

If you're not living on the East Coast (USA), you may not know that a massive hurricane is heading towards us right now.  Harris and I have been doing the "preparedness" stuff today - water, candles, cash, gas in the tank, batteries in the flashlight, etc.  In North Carolina, where we live, Hurricane Irene is due to make landfall Saturday with tropical storm force winds arriving prior to that tomorrow night.  I am about an hour from the beach and they're calling for an evacuation of the county beside us.  I, of course, am due to drive 1.5 hours to my ultrasound appointment on Saturday morning just as the winds and rain really pick up.  With 6.5" of rainfall expected on Saturday, it'll be an interesting drive to say the least!  I have the best timing EVER, right? 
So, I had to laugh when my lady at Lab Corp asked on Monday what "all those tests" were.  She hadn't done some of them and was unfamiliar with the abbreviations for a couple like.  Then, to make it more funny - because I choose to laugh now instead of cry - when she repeated the test name to the corporate rep while looking for the test number, she whispered, lowered her head, and shielded her eyes like she was saying something shameful.  Isn't it funny, in the world of infertility, how our conversations change and how our threshold for embarassment changes?!  Prior to infertility, I didn't even use anatomically correct verbage for male and female private areas.  Now, I not only use the correct names, but I speak about folicular stimulation, semen secretion, trans-vaginal ultrasounds, and ejaculation without so much as a blush.  Oh yeah, and I'm thanking God for women who are willing to help Harris and I have a biological child on the other side of the planet.  Yes, things certainly do change with infertility.

Whatever the situation, disease free is the way to be!  That means no more shots...for now...or at least until tonight when I take my Bravelle & Minapur cocktail.  


  1. I did laugh when I read this! - completely understand where you're coming from. I've begun to disclose more than I normally would with some health professionals - I really love the squirmish reaction it can give sometimes!!

  2. Best line ever-- "I choose to laugh now instead of cry." Going to make an effort to choose to laugh this week!