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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


On Friday, Harris went in for his semen analysis at my doctor's office.  There is a urologist in practice there as well who has done his work in the past and we felt good using the same scenario again.  Things have changed in the last five years though and Harris was relieved to find that he no longer had to go into a cold bathroom to "get" his sample this time.  LOL!  There was more privacy and compassion given to the male patients than before and the women working there were very generic and complacent about what was getting  ready to happen.  All in all, it put him at ease...or, well, as at ease as he could be in that situation.

So, we spent the weekend checking email to see if the results had come thru since the techs work on the weekend by nature of the business.  But, alas, no email until today.  I have been out of town for the last day and only saw the results tonight.  They have really confused me a great deal.  So, of course, I have now spent time on the Internet trying to google stuff like, "What does my Kruger morphology report mean?"  and "How do I understand my semen analysis?"  (I swear, if somebody stole my computer and checked the search history, they'd probably think I was off my rocker!)

I have found some results and looked at the report in comparison with those.  But, I can't find one that has everything I'm looking for.  It's like reading a foreign language and the numbers on the page are confusing at times.  Of course, the alternative to googling like a mad-woman is to wait and ask my doctor when I go in later this week, but who waits?  I want to know now!  Waiting is such a constant in this process and I'm ready to move, not wait more.  


  1. Hi Allie,
    I did the same as you when i got Mbs results in!!! Googled myself crazy! I thought I was a patient person until we started looking into surrogacy! Good luck best wishes! Conatct me any time.

  2. I've never been so 'tech savvy'in my life until I started this process!!.
    This week's searches for us have been in relation to AMH & LH - when giving my blood to our local pathology lab - the nurse & I did a google search on what exactly these terms meant and what they are for....@ least I'm learning a bit about the complicated human body in the process. lol.